Welcome note

It is an honor to welcome you to the official website of the Rwanda Law Reform Commission (RLRC). The RLRC website is intended to provide you with updates on the work of RLRC as well as information on the Rwandan laws, researches and studies concerning Rwandan laws and international instruments ratified by Rwanda.

Law No 35/2014 of 28/11/2014 modifying and complementing law No 44/2013 of 16/06/2013 establishing the Rwanda Law Reform commission and determining its Mission, Organization and Functioning, assigns RLRC with the overall and permanent mission of reviewing Rwandan laws with a view to ensuring their development and reform. In implementing this mission, our   vision is centered on law reform for a predictable and dynamic legal landscape.

The information and publications, which are regularly uploaded on this website, will keep giving you an overview of the Commission’s regular activities. Our main activities focus on our Legislative drafting and Translation mandate as well as on laws that are under reform and revision, including studies and researches carried out in that regard.

As the Constitution of Rwanda provides that ignorance of the law is not an excuse once published in the Republic of Rwanda Official Gazette; the Rwanda Law Reform Commission has decided to raise to raise  legal awareness through educating citizens on law related matters.

We encourage you to often visit our website, not only to see the information and publications concerning our regular activities, but also to be able to access the most recent draft laws that we publish on our website.We welcome your comments, views and observations on each and everything that we publish. We also encourage you to be engaged on our social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to provide us with comments, suggestions and recommendations that will help our vision on law reform for a predictable and dynamic legal landscape.  

Thank you!

Mukantaganzwa Domitilla

Chairperson of Rwanda Law Reform Commission